Have a place in mind? Great! We’ll hit all your spots. If not, let’s do some exploring, try some new beaches, make a new route.


Pick One -or- Make Your Own


  • Whether you forgot you passport or just dont want to deal with customs.  USVI it is!!
  • Head to Thatch Caye for CLIFF JUMPING
  • Grab some za from the floating pizza boat on Great St James Island or head to Maho and swim in to eat at a beachside cabana with games galore. 
  • Hit Cinnamon Beach, best beach in the VI
  • Finish off with Happy Hour in Cruz Bay or hermit crab races on Happy Island


  • Check in to customs in Tortola
  • Head East to The Caves on Norman Is. for Snorkeling OR West and hit the beach at Smugglers Cove
  • Grab a bite at Pirate’s Bights or Cane Garden Bay
  • Stop at Sandy Spit where they filmed Corona commercials 
  • Cruise to Jost Van Dykes most famous Soggy Dollar Bar
  • Check back in @ St. John, USVI
  • **$65/p/p. customs fees apply**

Note- Customs fees have gone way up and checking in and back out of customs is time consuming. Many are choosing to stay USVI nowadays, the choice is yours.


  • No passports? No problem.
  • Head South with a quick stop at a private cove off Hassel Island
  • Cruise by the water front and see the boats, ships, and yachts
  • Anchor up on Honeymoon beach and catch some rays
  • Grab lunch @ Dinghy’s or Heidi’s right on the beach
  • Rent a cheap golf cart for some great exploring inland ruins
  • Grab a mask off the boat and experience some great snorkeling right off the beach


  • Hit BVI customs early
  • Head to a white sand beach in Tortola for some R&R
  • Make a quick stop for some world class snorkeling
  • Head to Cooper Island Beach Club, grab a chair, and relax in style 
  • Enjoy Fine Dining right on the beach
  • Stop to see a famous shipwreck
  • If your feeling frisky, head over to Willy T’s for some craziness
  • OR instead shoot over to Scrub Island Resort, Spa, and Marina
  • Beach toys, multiple pools, and world class dining to name a few 
  • **customs fees apply**


  • No passports? No problem.
  • Circumnavigate St. Thomas
  • Experience the secluded Northside STT
  • Stop wherever looks interesting
  • Why rush from place to place?
  • See the whole Island the way it’s meant to be seen!


  • We’ll head on out to our farthest destination. VIRGIN GORDA
  • Explore the beautiful caves and pools near Fallen Jerusalem 
  • Words cant describe the awesomeness of this place
  • Grab lunch at Top of The Baths
  • A quick stop by Willy T’s for some debauchery on the way home if there’s time
  • We only head to the Baths on FLAT days, which is not usually the case here. This trip is *Weather permitting* and larger boats/ferries will make the long ride manageable.  In the windy weeks we suggest the ferry. Please note that half of our day is spent in travel time. 

Often times guests prefer to wing it and discuss possible good options with the captain when they arrive, and thats ok too.


 late start available

may extend after hours with prior notice @ $100/hr


  • Passports (for BVI trips)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Football or Frisbee
  • Your own Drinks
  • Extra Ice (we provide 2 bags)
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Towels
  • CASH for:
  •      -customs ($65/ea) for BVI trips
  •      -lunch
  •      -bars
  •      -gratuity



If coming from Red Hook, head towards Food Center Grocery Store. After passing food center on your right, the Marina entrance will be on your left directly after Taco Chells. Parking on either side of the 3 story white building.

If coming from Bridge to Nowhere/Havensite, marina is just past Eco Tours on the right. Look for 3 story white building with red sign(see picture below).


We provide FREE HOTEL PICKUP on the water at the following locations:
Cruz Bay, St. John (dock or beach)
Westin, St. John (beach access or dock with permission)
Ritz Carlton, St. Thomas (beach access only)
Chocolate Hole, St. John (swim in)

Meagan’s Bay, St. Thomas (beach access only)

Specialty Trips

HANS LOLLICK“My very own island?!”

Head to this beautiful island with goats, ruins, trails, and a long beach just north of St Thomas.  Beach comb, find the hiking trails, explore the jungle, search for ruins, try to catch a goat, race hermit crabs, and relax on your own usually private island. If you just cant leave, dont worry, the island is for sale!

UPDATE: Better hurry, the island just sold for 40mil and wont be public for much longer.

bring your own picnic lunch or get with us to pick you something up.

CAMPING–  It’s been brought to our attention that there are no good options for overnight trips! Round up your friends and pick a sandy beach, it’s campin’ time. Well head anywhere with a safe mooring ball and spend the night out. 

Must book two consecutive days. No additional fee. drop-off and pick-up service also available in some instances. 

Q & A

Q: We are staying in a villa. Can you pick us up there?

A: Yes. We don’t mind picking you up wherever you like free of charge, however we do need a safe place to anchor or beach the boat. As long as your villa has a sandy beach or at least 4′ deep of water leading to shore, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Q: How much beer is included?

A: Not much. at least 12. many times a bit more.

Q: We have a large group. Can you accommodate us?

A: Yes. We can take up to 12 passengers on the larger boats. We often do groups larger than that by adding additional boats for tandem trips. We can arrange multiple boats for groups up to 50.

Q: We are not able to go to the store before our trip. Can you stock the cooler for us?

A: Yes. Its no problem for us to provision for you as long as we have your credit card on file. Please let us know at least 48hrs in advance

Q: What if it rains?

A: It rains quite often here in the VI. Its usually done in a few minutes, and our capatins can steer you away from it. If WE decide to cancel due to bad weather, you will be given the option of another day or a FULL REFUND.

Q: Can we bring our children?

A: Of course. Please be aware that children under 90lbs are required to wear a life jacket at all times. We do not allow children UNDER 3 for obvious reasons. Please let us know your children’s ages and weights when booking

Q: Can we bring our dog?

A: Dogs are usually not allowed. Their claws can damage the deck, and they don’t seem to enjoy the ride. 

Q: What is the a common gratuity?

A: As with all service providers in the Virgin Islands, gratuities for exceptional service is expected. If you had a ‘5 Star Day’, 20-25% of charter price is greatly appreciated.

Q: Why the customs charge?

A: Your customs fee of $65 is paid directly to customs and immigration. With groups of 2 or 3 it can sometimes be $70. BVI customs takes cash, while USVI customs accept only card. The fees have been going up year by year. We can avoid these costly fees by staying in US waters.

Q: Can we cliff jump, fish, snorkel, and go to Jost Van Dyke?

A: We can combine many trips and itineraries. Our main constraint is time. We can cliff jump, snorkel and go to Jost, however fishing gear is not allowed in the BVI.

Q: Do we need to bring lunch?

A: You can if you like. Please pack it in a bag-style cooler . Many places are just re-opening after the hurricanes last year so choices are limited. There are a few great spots to eat all through the islands. Some accessible only by boat. We can go to whichever one you’d like. Your captain will discuss the best choices with you.

Q: Should we bring our cooler?

A: No. We have a good sized cooler on the boat. In fact there usually isn’t room for additional coolers. The exception being bag-style coolers. 

Q: I notice that one boat doesn’t have a restroom on board. Is that a problem?

A: No. We are constantly stopping at docks, restaurants, bars, etc. Not to mention we do jump in the water a lot to snorkel and swim.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

A: No. We are very transparent with our fees. You are responsible for captain(included), customs($65/ea), and fuel(less than $150). We will show you the exact fuel usage before and after the trip and allow you to pay at the pump directly or charge to the card that you made the reservation with.

Q: Can we stay out later than 4pm?

A: Yes. At the captain’s discretion, he may allow a few minutes buffer period.  After that you may stay late for $100/hr with captain’s consent. If you intend to stay late, prior notice is required.

Q: What if we need to cancel?

A: No problem. You can cancel worry free up to 7 days before your trip for a FULL REFUND. After that, the breakdown is as follows: Cancel between 7-2 days- lose your $200 deposit. Cancel inside the 48-24 hr before trip- 50%. Cancel within 24hrs of trip-100%. You must email us directly to cancel. Exception will be made for bereavement.