Q & A

Q: We are staying in a villa. Can you pick us up there?

A: Yes. We don’t mind picking you up wherever you like, free of charge, however we do need a safe place to anchor, but preferably a dock. As long as your villa has a sandy beach or at least 4′ deep of water leading out from shore, it shouldn’t be a problem. Your villa should be close to our marina as well. Note that most docks are private and will need advanced permission or fees.

Q: How much beer is included?

A: We will provide cooler space and ice for all the beer you want to bring…

Q: We have a large group. Can you accommodate us?

A: Yes. We can take up to 12 passengers on the larger boats. We often do groups larger than that by adding additional boats for tandem trips. We can arrange multiple boats for groups up to 50, and many times groups of 12 like to divide between two boats for fun, despite the higher cost.

Q: We are not able to go to the store before our trip. Can you stock the cooler for us?

A: Yes. Its no problem for us to provision for you as long as we have your credit card on file. Please let us know at least 48hrs in advance

Q: What if it rains?

A: It rains quite often here in the VI. Its usually done in a few minutes, and our capatins can steer you away from it. If WE decide to cancel due to bad weather, you will be given the option of another day or a FULL REFUND.

Q: Can we bring our children?

A: Of course. Please be aware that children under 90lbs are required to wear a life jacket at all times. We do not allow children UNDER 3 for obvious reasons. Please let us know your children’s ages and weights when booking.

Q: Can we bring our dog?

A: Dogs are usually not allowed. Their claws can damage the deck, and they don’t seem to enjoy the ride. 

Q: What is the a common gratuity?

A: As with all service providers in the Virgin Islands, gratuities for exceptional service is expected. If you had a ‘5 Star Day’, 20-25% of charter price is greatly appreciated.

Q: Why the customs charge?

A: Your customs fee of $65 is paid directly to customs and immigration. With groups of 2 or 3 it can sometimes be $70. BVI customs takes cash, while USVI customs accept only card. The fees have been going up year by year. We can avoid these costly fees by staying in US waters.

Q: Can we cliff jump, snorkel, and go to Jost Van Dyke?

A: Yes. We can combine many trips and itineraries. Our only constraint is time, and we allow the option to extend for $100/hr  past 4pm if the captain agrees.

Q: Do we need to bring lunch?

A: You can if you like. Please pack it in a bag-style cooler . Many places are just re-opening after the hurricanes last year so choices are limited, but there are a few great spots to eat all through the islands. Some accessible only by boat. We can go to whichever one you’d like. Your captain will discuss the best choices with you.

Q: Should we bring our cooler?

A: No. We have a good sized cooler on the boat. In fact there usually isn’t room for additional coolers. The exception being bag-style coolers. 

Q: I notice that the boat doesn’t have a restroom on board. Is that a problem?

A: No. We are constantly stopping at docks, restaurants, bars, etc. Not to mention we do jump in the water a lot to snorkel and swim.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

A: No. We are very transparent with our fees. You are responsible for captains fee(included), customs($65/ea), and fuel(less than $150). We will show you the exact fuel usage before and after the trip and allow you to pay at the pump directly or charge to the card that you made the reservation with. Our return time is clearly stated, so if you are just having too much fun on the beach and dont return to the boat when the captain tells you, you will be charged our regular rate for every hour past 4pm. A 30 minute buffer is usually permitted at the captain digression.

Q: Can we stay out later than 4pm?

A: Yes. At the captain’s discretion, he may allow a 30 minutes buffer period.  After that you may stay late for $100/hr with captain’s consent. If you intend to stay late, prior notice is required.

Q: Can we fish?

A: Although Tipsea Tours started out running spearfishing trips, in the ongoing face of oceanic degradation we have decided to stop fishing altogether. With 60% of the worlds oceanic fisheries fully depleted and the remainder in collapse, we are doing our part to change directions and traditions and be part of the solution so that the next generation may survive. If the oceans die, so do we.  

Q: What if we need to cancel?

A: No problem. You can cancel worry free up to 7 days before your trip for a FULL REFUND. After that, the breakdown is as follows: Cancel between 7-2 days- lose your $200 deposit. Cancel inside the 48-24 hr before trip- 50%. Cancel within 24hrs of trip-100%. You must email us directly to cancel. Exception will be made for bereavement. 

Q: What if we dont have fun?